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Layne is a straight-up hero! When we met, 6 weeks before our annual gala, I had the skeleton of a silent auction, a billion other gala details and plans to execute, and recurring nightmares about not hitting our fundraising goals. In one 30 minute phone conversation, Layne reassured me that the auction was further along than I thought, gave me concrete and accomplishable suggestions for improvement, sold me on the benefits of a live auction, and probably lowered my blood pressure several points.

Throughout the lead-up to the gala, Layne was a constant beacon of positivity. Excellent consultation and communication helped us plan the live auction line-up and  jazz up our silent auction items. By sharing best practice strategies for auction logistics and bidding, Layne improved my confidence in the event and helped our team professionalize the auctions. Layne helped us raise more money than we ever had before and took our gala to the next level. Every time I run into a guest from the gala the first question they ask is if Layne will be back in 2015! That’s impact!”

– Claire Hastings, Deputy Executive Director, Journalists for Human Rights

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