Layne is The Auctionista

“Once we begin working together, I make my first priority ‘your cause 101.'”

1Layne has been ‘raising the fund factor’ for not-for-profits since 2010. Your strategic partner, Layne brings professionalism and a niche experience to your event as Canada’s only Auctionista. Layne is one of just three Benefit Auctioneer Specialists (BAS) graduates in Canada, and among the less than one percent of Auctioneers in North America with this specialized training.

Further, as an experienced senior front-line fundraiser in the not for profit sector and a top sales producer in the financial sector, Layne brings years of direct experience and accomplishments from fundraising and event revenue consulting expertise.

Layne’s signature high energy, performance-based live auction style entertains, captivates and most importantly, inspires giving. It can be scary to hand over the microphone to someone who isn’t a part of your cause but Layne always represents your brand with the utmost professionalism and respect.

An entertainment-based Auctionista and emcee who is acutely conscious of all the moving parts of an event, Layne is quick and skillful at redirecting the unexpected while delivering a high energy live auction experience. Building excitement and active bidding through audience collaboration is The Auctionista’s forte.


“Thank you LAYNE, for bringing your amazing energy and making it seem normal to always have a “record breaking night!”

Kyra McNamara, Fund Development Coordinator, VON Oxford